Machinery Movers – Relocating and transporting heavy machinery?

Heavy machinery moving or oversized machinery relocation projects often require different types of transport and packaging to ensure the goods are professionally and securely packed for transportation in accordance with the latest regulations.
One of our most recent projects entailed packing and relocating heavy cargo in for the form of a machinery press weighing 20 tons. The transportation distance was from Romania to Korea for a client from automotive industry. During transit the safety of the oversized machinery press was ensured by our cargo fastening as well as using our dedicated machinery relocation equipment including crane, forklift, hydraulic jacks, rollers and our personnel specializing in heavy machinery moving.

If you have oversized or heavy machinery that needs relocation, we are the team for you. We are a single source supplier for heavy-duty projects, which often require different types of transport either by land, sea and air for customers in diverse manufacturing sectors including, but not limited to oil and gas, construction, chemical, mechanical, energy, plant/technical engineering, aeronautical, automotive and rail – anywhere in the world.

Modpack Group are a leading single source logistics supplier for Industrial Relocation, Export Packing and Multimodal Transport.
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Machinery Moving