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We are experts in export packing crates, offering a wide range of options that are approved for export shipping worldwide including wooden crates, shrink wrap and also aluminium barrier foils. We cater for all cargo types including  standard, delicate and also oversized cargo. Export packing plays an important role in the export process due to different handling methods, climate conditions and other factors involved in exporting to new markets.

Customised Export Packing, Crating and Transport

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What is export packing?

Export packing and industrial packaging plays an important part in the factory relocation process, without it your goods and machinery would get damaged in the relocation process.

There are many hazards to think about when relocating your factory and it takes the right industrial packaging and knowledge to do it correctly. Modpack have that knowledge and create bespoke crating and export packaging for every project, exporting your goods safely and securely.

Export packaging material plays a major part in ensuring your product arrives safely and securely to its final destination. We design and manufacture intelligent, innovative export packing solutions tailored to your requirements. Our packing and storage solutions for exporting industrial goods, designed with one aim in mind – getting your products from A to B in perfect condition. Whether it’s a single machine or a full industrial plant, we adhere strictly to the customer’s specifications. We are also familiar with all the relevant national and international standards and guidelines for export packaging.

Bespoke solutions

Every clients needs are very different, and so our industrial packaging solutions are too. They are tailored to your specific products and requirements. Whether it’s industrial packaging for heavy cargo, an industrial plant, or long-term packaging with the addition of preservation systems, we have a solution. We offer special solutions such as reusable packaging and packaging for hazardous goods requiring expert handling by specially trained staff. All our products are adapted to the climate and also static conditions they will be exposed to during transport. In addition special requirements in the destination country.

Unique design and manufacture of custom packaging solutions

Oversized export packing / skidding

Oversized export skidding is suitable for transporting large equipment and products with weight between 15–100 tons. The boxes can be either opened (shelving / crates) or closed (case). It can be a load-bearing base with structure of wood with plywood and OSB panels, or combinations of these.

Our solutions are suitable for all types of transport: sea, air and terrestrial and are compliant in accordance with international standards like: SEI4, ITN 54750A_REV4, MIL-SPEC. (PPP-B-601, MIL-C-26195, ASTM (D6251, D6256, D6036), MIL-C-104, MIL-C-52950), BS1133, HPE.

All constructions are suitable for all types of transport: sea, air and terrestrial. Often shrink wrap is used in conjunction with skids in order to give extra protection to the packed product.

Wooden boxes and export packing crates

Plywood wooden boxes and crates

Plywood cases are normally used when our customers need to dispatch either valuable and/or sensitive products. They are also used when dispatching multiple components in an export packing wooden case. For example aftermarket parts or products such as gearboxes, engines or metal castings. Where weight is less of an issue they offer a robust solution that will protect the product. Our plywood boxes are manufactured to customer specific requirements. They are predominantly used for export applications and are made from heat treated timber framing in compliance with ISPM 15. The plywood material allows the box to breathe, thus limiting exposure to moisture during transportation.

Our plywood wooden boxes and wooden crates are:

  • Manufactured to any size in order to meet your requirements
  • Excellent stacking capabilities
  • Manufactured from competitive sterling board, additionally in compliance with ISPM 15
  • Crates can also be fully lined for increased protection
  • Plywood cases can be branded as well as sprayed for easy identification

Export packing wooden boxes and bases

Wooden boxes and bases – whatever the purpose of your cases might be, we’ll manufacture one, five or 500 pieces for you. Quickly and designed smartly, but most of all very robust wooden boxes. Of course, we are also happy to service your every need in custom-made wooden cases, storage cases, archive cases and reusable cases. Wooden boxes and cases are manufactured from ISPM15 approved materials. They are also branded with the ISPM logo and our certificate number. Therefore they are fully traceable. We are also able to provide and help with any special requirements such as waterproofing, foil barrier packing or other additional protection.

Wooden boxes can be fully assembled, have a side or top loose, or shipped knocked down for assembly at your facility. In addition wooden boxes are an efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure your consignment reaches its destination in excellent condition.

Wooden export packing crates

While not offering the same level of complete product protection as a plywood cases, wooden export packing crates offer excellent value for money for many applications. Wooden crates can be an ideal packing solution for specific products. The weight is considerably lower than that of a case. Furthermore, your product is visible from the outside, ensuring that your shippers know what kind of product they are shipping, lifting or loading. Wooden cases and crates are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle without a single nail involved.

Reusable and returnable clip crates

Our wooden reusable cases are ideal for expositions, exhibitions and conferences. The wooden cases are equipped with extra heavy butterfly locks and made to meet your needs. Fully or partially collapsible, printed with your logo (shipping mark) or equipped with a ramp, hinged lids or panels with compartment division. They are also equipped with wheels. We deliver what you require!

Returnable packing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for customers who have an extensive flow of goods with a limited number of distribution points.

Returnable packing is available in a range of suitable materials for different transport and handling requirements.

Export packing saddles | Wooden transport saddles | Wood pipe saddles | Cradle skids

Wooden hollow and transport saddles

Our wooden transport saddles provide maximum protection for curved products such as boilers and pipes. Creating these saddles is a specific expertise. The quality of which is guaranteed by our designers, they provide product designs accurate up to the tenth of a millimetre. Your saddles can also be equipped with a layer of felt to ensure your products remain undamaged. In addition mounting brackets, used to secure your equipment during transport, can also be added.

Export packing – shrink wrap

Shrink wrap technology gives your item protection from water, road contamination and also harmful UV rays. In addition it is a cost-effective way to ensure excellent protection in transit.

VCI shrink wrap for ferrous and non-ferrous metals contains a chemical compound. This compound releases an invisible, odourless, as well as non-toxic corrosion inhibiting vapour into the air. Molecules settle on exposed metal surfaces and therefore interrupt the electrochemical corrosion process. The equipment is removed from the packing, and the corrosion inhibiting molecular layer vaporizes into the atmosphere. As a result this leaves behind clean, dry, corrosion free parts ready for immediate use.

Export packing – aluminium barrier foil

Goods in danger of corrosion need protection in a “climatic packing”, aluminium barrier foil is the perfect solution. This is required for sea transport, polar and also tropical shipment as well as during long-term storage. The packed goods, sealed into steam-tight layer foils (aluminium composite or polyethylene). This closes off the packed goods hermetically against the outer air. The inner atmosphere is kept securely below 50% rh and the volume of desiccant units therefore calculated accordingly. As a result this adsorbs the residual moisture in the sealed packing.

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