Single Source Supplier for Logistics

Industrial Relocation | Multimodal Transport | Export Packaging

We specialize in the relocation and transportation of industrial equipment. Our projects are planned in detail therefore ensuring the delivery of the equipment safely and with minimal cost. 

In addition, our relocation team specializes both in moving heavy machinery as well as production lines and complete manufacturing facilities.

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Packing plays an important role in the export process due to different climatic conditions, handling methods and other factors involved in exporting to new markets. 

However, we are experts in export packing and offer a wide range of solutions that are approved for export shipping.

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Whether your goods depend on full & part loads, air, road, rail or ocean shipment, we can coordinate the most efficient packing solutions and transportation. 

In conclusion, our intelligent solutions ensure that you get the best importing or exporting option for your project.

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heavy duty cargo

Project cargo is the term used for the national or international transportation of cargo that is either large, heavy, high value, or very complex to transport. Project cargo is either too big, heavy or complex to fit into a standard 20 or 40 ft container. Subsequently, it has to be shipped in specialised transport forms, for instance in a specific chartered ship or truck. 

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Through our integrated single source supplier services (warehousing, packing, transportation, crane hire, tracking, custom clearance) we offer the best solution for you. 

In addition, our packaging is ISPM 15 certified to comply with all international wood regulations.

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Company overview

Modpack provide factory and plant relocation services, machinery moving and multimodal transport services throughout the United States, serving the USA, Mexico and Canada. Call our Texas office on +1 (832) 710 1773, alternatively email