Project Cargo 

We provide project cargo shipping services worldwide, including the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Project cargo is national or international transportation of cargo that is either large, heavy, high value, or very complex to transport. It refers to items being too big, heavy or complex to fit into a standard 20 ft or 40 ft container. Subsequently, it is shipped in specialised transport forms. For instance in a specific chartered ship or truck.

We supply services worldwide, including throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico. As the process of globalization increases, the consequential demand for large infrastructure projects requiring project cargo handling increases worldwide. Many industry sectors such as engineering, construction, oil and gas, mining, wind power, refineries, power supplies, also many other industries are heavily involved in this type of transportation.

It covers a wide range of value and freight volume, in addition it can consist of a single or multiple piece of equipment. The equipment is transported to either a single or multiple destination over a period of time. Additionally, cargo is moved by air, sea, or land – sometimes involving multiple transport options such as trucks, rail, ships, cranes, barges and/or planes.

Planning and co-ordination

Project cargo demands total attention to detail throughout every aspect of the process, therefore a large amount of planning and coordination required. The extensive experience and expertise of our team is invaluable to companies requiring breakbulk services. The first crucial step that leads to efficient operations is pre-planning, successful project transportation practices require a very smart planning process right from the preliminary stages. Subsequently, maintaining this efficiency level in such complex cargo operations both eliminates risk and reduces costs. Furthermore, we continually provide our clients with detailed, customised solutions, adding significant value to every project.

Our vast experience enables us to fully understand various requirements, subsequently we incorporate proven practices into every process. These operational procedures prevent common problems, reduce risk, and results in the best possible outcome. The vital end conclusion is that companies successfully complete their project shipment requirements, in a stress-free manner. Our experience extends into the complexities of each country, as every country has differing regulations when it comes to documentation, customs compliance, duties, taxation, licenses, exemptions, plus many other considerations. An analysis from our cargo experts will help companies with all the regulative aspects, and required budgeting process.

Our services

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