Member of AMCHAM/Entrepreneur of the month – U.S Embassy

The U.S. Embassy has selected Modpack System as its August 2015 Entrepreneur of the Month.

Our Entrepreneur of the Month Program highlights individuals and companies that exemplify the best attributes of entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur sees the potential in a new idea and then takes a bold, often risky step, using only his or her ability, drive and courage to turn that idea into reality. Through our Entrepreneur of the Month program, the Embassy showcases individuals who seize the unique opportunities that Romania has to offer across a wide range of industries and regions.

This month the Embassy selects Modpack System, which was founded in Prahova by brothers Bogdan and Valentin Malaescu. The Malaescu brothers clearly believe that multinational firms offer local enterprises a tremendous opportunity for growth. Modpack offers an excellent example of how.

Founded just eight years ago, in 2007, Modpack Systems recognized the need that export-oriented manufacturers would have for top-notch, customized packaging. In order to send their products around the world safely and securely, and thus cement Romania firmly in important, world-wide production networks, these companies were looking for dependable and responsive local partners – Modpack met those needs. Today they have garnered recommendations and the loyalty of companies based around the world, among them the major U.S. manufacturers located in Romania, such as Ford, General Electric, and Timken.

“Modpack System itself is now a multinational company, with operations in Poland and a joint venture in Prague – Modpack System Czech. Its goal is to reach a top position within the next few years among all of the European companies specializing in manufacturing wooden packaging and other packing services. We applaud their ambition! Standing here in this facility, which represents a major new investment, it is clear to me that Modpack System believes in Romania’s potential and is counting on continued growth. It’s also clear that Modpack and its US clients are adding to the sound foundation on which the economic and commercial part of our strategic partnership is built,” said Dean Thompson, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania.

Modpack Group are a leading single source logistics supplier for Industrial Relocation, Export Packing and Multimodal Transport.
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